Book Signings

Thursday, October 9
5 p.m.

Bay Books
1029 Orange Ave.
Coronado, Calif.

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Dare the Devil

Coming next month, Roger’s latest historical novel, “Dare the Devil.” It’s all about the crime lords in postwar Los Angeles, gangsters like Bugsy Siegel and Jack Dragna, and the courageous reporter who risks his life going after them in the press.This thriller launches on October 9 at Bay Books in Coronado, Calif. You won't want to miss it.


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Fog and Darkness

Someone raised a tattered American flag on the top of Bloody Nose Ridge but no one cheered. The surviving Marines were too far around the bend for that. Some were so far beyond exhaustion they didn't even look up and notice. Kenny hung his head and began to weep.


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Souls on the Wind

My fourth novel, the thriller “Souls on the Wind,” was a finalist in the prestigious San Diego Book Awards.


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The Hindenberg Letter

The Earth had orbited the sun for five billion years, but now for Jake it had stopped dead. He was in hell. He'd often thought he might go to hell for some of the things he'd done in his life but the truth was, he was already there...


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"That coronal mass ejection shot forth a huge solar wind, such a surge of electromagnetic energy that it buckled the Earth's magnetic field for a moment, long enough to split our space-time continuum. A second time track began..."

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Every Shape, Every Shadow

Night came on fast. Unlike northern Illinois, there was no lingering twilight here, close to the equator. Moods changed as darkness fell. The jungle was full of danger.

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